Saya's Bots

Saya's bots that are currently listed on DBL

  • Kashima
    ONLINE 57,726 Servers

    1.8.3 || HD Music, Marriage, Profiles, Fun, Interaction, Moderation, Suggestions, Logging, Weeb stuffs and more

    Music Anime
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  • Yamato
    ??? 412 Servers

    Im the 1st ship of the Yamato-class battleships, Yamato. Arriving on station!

    Music Fun
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  • Santa Wumpus
    ONLINE 3,988 Servers
    Santa Wumpus

    GIVEAWAY BOT • Reliable • Stable • FULLY Customisable • Entry Requirements - Role/Server/Message-Count/Invite-Count

    Fun Utility
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