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Music Bots

Discord Music Bots

Discord bots that can play music for you in your voice channels!

  • Astolfo
    ONLINE42,359 Servers
    AstolfoCertified Bots

    A high quality music, listen.moe, radio, chat bot, games, casino, anime, mod bot that takes care of all the essentials!

  • Aqua
    ONLINE16,170 Servers
    AquaCertified Bots

    An useless goddess who plays Radio and has Social System, Fun, Images, Memes and Moderation commands

  • Donutbot
    ONLINE34,224 Servers
    DonutbotCertified Bots

    The Jam Packed Discord Bot | 128 Bitrate Audio | Currency system | Games | Information | Server Moderation | All in one bot ♥

  • Tsukasa Hiiragi
    ONLINE8,470 Servers
    Tsukasa HiiragiCertified Bots

    A configurable bot based on Fun and Moderation. Reliable & Stable Music with Soundcloud and YouTube support!

  • PenguBot
    ONLINE8,871 Servers
    PenguBotCertified Bots

    Multi-Purpose Bot with Fun, Utilities, Music, Server Management and much more!

  • Mantaro
    ONLINE122,179 Servers
    MantaroCertified Bots

    Customizable music and fun bot with games, currency, and a lot to offer!

  • Rythm
    ONLINE743,986 Servers
    RythmCertified Bots

    Ever wanted a bot specially made for music? A fully functional, stable music bot? Rythm does it all

  • Marv
    ONLINE51,853 Servers
    MarvCertified Bots

    An incredibly easy-to-use music bot with high quality audio :^)

  • Konata
    ONLINE25,246 Servers
    KonataCertified Bots

    Konata is a multi-lang Discord Bot to help and entertain your server with lots of commands, games and stable music feature!

  • Sagiri
    ONLINE8,595 Servers
    SagiriCertified Bots

    A fully customizable bot, commands for moderators, music, fun, logs and many other things!

  • Spoti-Search
    ONLINE14,525 Servers
    Spoti-SearchCertified Bots

    Play songs and search for song lyrics and info from inside Discord!

  • Ayana
    ONLINE261,559 Servers
    AyanaCertified Bots

    Fast, flexible, simple. Multipurpose bot, music, moderation, fun.

  • LewdBot
    ONLINE94,019 Servers
    LewdBotCertified Bots

    A multi-purpose bot aimed to serve your music, moderation and lewd needs. Currently on over 50k guilds and serving crisp audio for everyone!

  • dabBot
    ONLINE269,273 Servers
    dabBotCertified Bots

    A high quality Discord Music Bot providing music from YouTube, Soundcloud, Twitch, Radio Stations, Discord.FM and much more!

  • Pancake
    ONLINE42,365 Servers
    PancakeCertified Bots

    Simple to use multi-purpose Discord bot - music, moderation, fun and more!

  • Gnar
    ONLINE123,912 Servers
    GnarCertified Bots

    Gnar is a meme-purpose bot that provides dankness and music for the soul.