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  • Donutbot
    ONLINE 101,440 Servers
    Donutbot Certified Bots

    The Jam Packed Discord Bot | 128 Bitrate Audio | Currency system | Games | Information | Server Moderation | All in one bot ♥

    Music , Moderation
  • UnbelievaBoat
    ONLINE 47,519 Servers
    UnbelievaBoat Certified Bots

    Money/Economy/Currency customisable per server | Role Income | Casino Games | Buyable Store Items | Moderation | Fun commands | Reminders

    Economy , Game
  • Havana
    ONLINE 1,306 Servers
    Havana Certified Bots

    200+ Commands, memes, utilities, logging, moderation, welcoming, nsfw, 24/7 uptime, and fun all wrapped into one nice package.

    Meme , Moderation
  • Automata
    ONLINE 43,268 Servers

    A ubiquitous Discord bot featuring Music, Chess, Moderation, Fun, and more!

    Music , Game
  • Welcomer
    ONLINE 17,704 Servers
    Welcomer Certified Bots


    Customizable Behavior , Logging
  • Atlas
    ONLINE 6,352 Servers
    Atlas Certified Bots

    A powerful multipurpose bot with high quality music, auto-moderation, a dashboard and a lot more.

    Moderation , Fun
  • MEE6
    MEE6 Certified Bots

    A discord bot trying to connect people through communities they love. Fun, featureful, and fantastic at what it does! MEE6 v2 soon™

    Moderation , Economy
  • MedalBot
    ONLINE 27,634 Servers
    MedalBot Certified Bots

    HD Audio Streaming | Social System | Moderation | Gaming Clips | 24/7 Uptime | Fully integrated with medal.tv!

    Music , Social
  • Atalanta
    ONLINE 4,571 Servers
    Atalanta Certified Bots

    A simple and free bot, featuring music, starboard, moderation features, action commands, images, custom commands (aka tags) and lots of fun

    Music , Moderation
  • Bender
    ONLINE 1,889 Servers

    A bot designed to balance moderation, fun, and simplicity. But don't bite his shiny metal ass -- trust me on that one.

    Moderation , Fun
  • Yui (ユイ)
    ONLINE 23,877 Servers
    Yui (ユイ) Certified Bots

    Fun, Urban, Spotify, Reddit, Youtube, Anime, Music, Tags, Events, Starboard, Nuke, Self assign +Mod tools.

    Music , Moderation
  • Loritta
    ONLINE 32,923 Servers
    Loritta Certified Bots

    Howdy, my name is Loritta 💁! Yet another Discord Bot — Fun 😂, moderation 👮, utils 📅, multilanguage 🌎 and so much more 😊!

    Fun , Utility
  • Ease
    ONLINE 121 Servers

    Enhance A Server Easily - EASE, a multipurpose bot for moderation, logs, embeds, translation etc..

    Moderation , Role Management
  • Dyno
    ONLINE 772,941 Servers
    Dyno Certified Bots

    Dyno is a fully customizable bot for your server with a web dashboard, moderation, music, auto roles, auto moderation, and more.

    Music , Moderation
  • Poop Bot
    ONLINE 442 Servers
    Poop Bot

    A bot that handles economy, games, levels and more with ease.

    Fun , Moderation
  • LewdBot
    ONLINE 105,551 Servers
    LewdBot Certified Bots

    A multi-purpose bot aimed to serve your music, moderation and lewd needs. Currently on over 50k guilds and serving crisp audio for everyone!

    Music , Moderation