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  • Kimochi Icon
    8,893 members 182 emotes

    Ohayo! We are an anime focused community for weebs, artists and gamers. 24/7 activity & friendos!

    Anime, Gaming
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  • 1,917 members 101 emotes

    A friendly and fun community based around Hannah's YouTube channel! Feel free to join to interact with others and be part of the cow family!

    Roblox, Gaming
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  • Cold Studio Icon
    1,873 members 100 emotes
    Cold Studio

    » Cold Studio's Roblox Community

    Developer, Roblox
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  • K-12 Icon
    1,820 members 67 emotes

    hi, we're the server "BBY" we are a new community that's looking forward into growing. we have so much to offer while in the progress.

    Roblox, Fun
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    1,808 members 0 emotes

    This server has support group of generators like this (Spotify / Uplay / Wish / WWE / Hulu / Fortnite / Minecraft / Origin / Mail-Access etc

    Roblox, Minecraft
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  • Murder Central Icon
    1,757 members 181 emotes
    Murder Central

    We are one of the newest Murder Mystery 2, Murder Mystery X, and Assassin servers in the community. Join 4 giveaways, tournaments and more!

    Roblox, Economy
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  • Cookiepuncher9605's Official Fan Server Icon
    1,734 members 55 emotes
    Cookiepuncher9605's Official Fan Server

    Server belongs to the youtuber Cookiepuncher9605, who makes videos about Roblox games, mostly Dinosaur Simulator.

    Gaming, Roblox
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  • 🇷🇺 Dominants eSports League [Battle Royale] Icon
    1,671 members 44 emotes
    🇷🇺 Dominants eSports League [Battle Royale]

    Привет, привет, Добро пожаловать на сервер организации Dominants eSports League ! Мы рады, что вы присоединились к этой замечательной земле

    Roblox, PUBG
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  • BTS BOYS Icon
    1,643 members 82 emotes

    This server is a friendly BTS server in which we accept new members. You can interact with staff/members and create an amazing community.

    Roblox, Social
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  • Egg Farm Icon
    1,637 members 90 emotes
    Egg Farm

    Welcome to Fam Nation! A place where you can talk to others and become part of the family!

    Roblox, Social
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  • Warbound Community Icon
    1,582 members 3 emotes
    Warbound Community

    A community for Warbound!

    Gaming, Roblox
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  • [SDS:DL] Seven Deadly Sins Divine Legacy Icon
    1,505 members 50 emotes
    [SDS:DL] Seven Deadly Sins Divine Legacy

    A Upcoming game on roblox base on anime called "Nanatsu No Taizai" It's cool and fun here so join now!

    Roblox, Gaming
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  • SFS Flight Simulator Icon
    1,381 members 25 emotes
    SFS Flight Simulator

    The Official SFS Flight Simulator (ROBLOX) Discord Server.

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  • Dungeon Quest Giveaways Icon
    1,374 members 0 emotes
    Dungeon Quest Giveaways

    Come join to trade, sell, and have fun! We do a lot of giveaways as well. We also can carry you if you need.

    Roblox, Giveaway
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  • 𝙎𝘼𝙈𝙋𝙇𝙀 Icon
    1,342 members 30 emotes

    Hi welcome to sample here we offer fun bots bypassed decals,audio,accounts,and more we would like for you to join us!!

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  • Solve_d's Community Icon
    1,315 members 24 emotes
    Solve_d's Community

    Slotbot and roblox gaming.

    Gaming, Roblox
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