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  • Sakura Onsen | ♨ Icon
    6,509 members 169 emotes
    Sakura Onsen | ♨

    Friendly and Relaxed Otaku Server. Enjoy yourself while making new friends. We appreciate artwork so feel free to share~~ Hope to see you he

    Anime, Social
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  • FredBoat Hangout Icon
    215,695 members 84 emotes
    FredBoat Hangout

    Official server for FredBoat the music bot.

    Support Server, Music
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  • 104,287 members 151 emotes

    The Partnered Warframe Server! We'd love to see you around! A friendly place for all Tenno of all shapes, sizes, and configuration

    Gaming, Warframe
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  • 28,874 members 129 emotes

    Discord's #1 hip-hop server -- Pusha T is in here! 30,000+ Members!

    Social, Music
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  • BalanceTonQuoi 💋 Icon
    17,310 members 131 emotes
    BalanceTonQuoi 💋

    Communauté FR Français est un serveur vocal sur Discord, pour faire des rencontres , du gaming , détente etc..

    Anime, Gaming
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  • Kpop Server Index Icon
    15,798 members 12 emotes
    Kpop Server Index

    The index for all KPop communities on Discord.

    KPop, Music
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  • 12,962 members 121 emotes

    The Kanye server is a friendly and welcoming music community, not focused exclusively on Kanye discussion. We welcome all music discussion.

    Music, Social
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  • .kpop Icon
    10,886 members 98 emotes

    Oldest running K-Pop server. Associated with /r/kpop subreddit.

    Music, KPop
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  • Nitro Drops Icon
    10,631 members 93 emotes
    Nitro Drops

    This Server is Basically Focussed On Creating A Community and Letting People Interact With Each Other

    Fun, Giveaway
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  • Chino's Café Icon
    9,398 members 69 emotes
    Chino's Café

    Community server owned by an 800K subs Nightcore YouTuber with weekly giveaways and amazing giveaways. Join us now! ♥

    Fun, Anime
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  • NEOTIC Icon
    9,152 members 4 emotes

    We are a big lo-fi hip hop music based community, growing daily with over +850,000 subscribers on YouTube.

    Music, Social
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  • MANIAC Icon
    8,934 members 45 emotes

    We provide a place for Mobile / PC gamers and other places to chat with other gamers. Who knows here you can be friends or you can be a mate

    Social, Music
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  • e-uphoria Icon
    7,916 members 70 emotes

    Surreal dreamscape server. Chill community for all your inner demons. 1:1 male female ratio. 24/7 sadboy hours with the edgiest goth girls.

    Anime, Music
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  • !                                                                                           Atlantis Icon
    7,292 members 16 emotes
    ! Atlantis

    Great popularity of brothers and sisters under one name.

    Fun, Music
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  • riley Icon
    7,146 members 138 emotes

    no more tears.

    Sneaker, Music
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  • O M N I A Icon
    6,997 members 82 emotes
    O M N I A

    Мы уже нашли Вам занятие по душе. Заходите, чтобы узнать какое! ;)

    Anime, League of Legends
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