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  • Daddy
    11,099 members 95 emotes

    24/7-Active Voice And Text channels~1:1 Male to Female Ratio Chill Rules variety of channels,Gaming,Giveaways,Events etc

    Gaming, Meme
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  • Bitpam CryptoCurrency & Bitcoin
    9,839 members 52 emotes
    Bitpam CryptoCurrency & Bitcoin

    Ethical CryptoCurrency Discussion Community to talk about trading, coding, mining, and more. No shady stuff! New people gladly welcomed! 😊

    Crypto, Anime
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  • Pyrocynical
    8,678 members 57 emotes

    😂 The official Pyrocynical Discord server 😂 best server in existence xd

    Meme, Fun
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  • Damp Memes
    7,275 members 79 emotes
    Damp Memes

    We've got memes. We've got emotes. We've got fun roles. We've got support for Discord's largest meme bot. What else could you want?

    Meme, Fun
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  • #SeaTards
    4,107 members 21 emotes

    The Geometry Dash YouTuber, SEA's official Discord server.

    Gaming, Meme
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  • Make Anime Great Again
    3,473 members 46 emotes
    Make Anime Great Again

    Anime, and gaming for those who wish to make friends in a welcoming and growing community. Ease going and drama free.

    Anime, Gaming
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  • Memes & Depression
    3,363 members 56 emotes
    Memes & Depression

    This server is based on memes and jokes, most of them are offensive. If you easily get offended and make drama, don't join.

    Meme, Social
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  • The Midday Afterparty
    3,214 members 51 emotes
    The Midday Afterparty

    Server dedicated to events, tournaments, giveaways (nitro, etc), 3K+ Members, relaxed atmosphere, friendly community. Make sure to join!

    gaming, Fun
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  • Emoji Server Links
    2,684 members 32 emotes
    Emoji Server Links

    Are you looking for emoji for your discord server?

    Emotes, Meme
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  • The Hentai Squad
    1,726 members 21 emotes
    The Hentai Squad

    A server to satisfy all your needs and kinks. From Hentai to straight irl porn.

    Anime, Meme
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    1,711 members 71 emotes

    This is the Official Server of 5 Bots. We also have many channels about many various of subjects such as aesthetics, memes & etc.

    Meme, Social
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  • to the beat!
    1,664 members 50 emotes
    to the beat!

    An official server of to the beat! YouTube channel

    Meme, Gaming
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  • Axolotl Blobs Emoji
    1,103 members 60 emotes
    Axolotl Blobs Emoji

    Howdy! Join the Blobs Axolotl Community!

    Gaming, Meme
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  • Koninklijke Cirkelwiet
    1,010 members 62 emotes
    Koninklijke Cirkelwiet

    [DUTCH] Nederlandse gemeenschap met liefde voor Willem, meems en lekker trekken

    Meme, Social
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  • Pikachu BOT™
    856 members 50 emotes
    Pikachu BOT™

    Pikachu Bot support server with lots of other fun to do !

    Support Server, Meme
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  • Ostrich Hideout
    470 members 50 emotes
    Ostrich Hideout

    A social hub for multiple games and interests with occasional giveaways

    Gaming, Social
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