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  • Rythm Bot
    98,367 members 63 emotes
    Rythm Bot

    This is the home of Rythm bot, a feature-rich, easy to use Discord music bot built to to deliver the best music experience on Discord.

    Music, Fun
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  • Purple Army
    57,362 members 75 emotes
    Purple Army

    Official discord for the YouTuber, Ice Poseidon.

    Social, Fun
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  • Trade Central
    39,159 members 51 emotes
    Trade Central

    Largest Discord trading server - For all your favorite games.

    Gaming, Social
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  • Blob Emoji
    26,027 members 77 emotes
    Blob Emoji

    The official Blob Emoji Server. We're an enthusiastic community focused around Google's old Android Blobs and general chatting!

    Emotes, Social
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  • KawaiiBot Hangout
    21,389 members 51 emotes
    KawaiiBot Hangout

    The official hangout to KawaiiBot, the kawaii bot with fun commands.

    Anime, Fun
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  • Pyrocynical
    8,678 members 57 emotes

    😂 The official Pyrocynical Discord server 😂 best server in existence xd

    Meme, Fun
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  • /r/Android
    8,440 members 12 emotes

    It's a server about Android.

    Fun, Social
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  • Damp Memes
    7,275 members 79 emotes
    Damp Memes

    We've got memes. We've got emotes. We've got fun roles. We've got support for Discord's largest meme bot. What else could you want?

    Meme, Fun
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  • Crimson Gaming
    6,195 members 31 emotes
    Crimson Gaming

    A Rocket League Server! We offer Rocket League Trading, Rocket League Find A Game, and Everything Else based around Rocket League.

    Rocket League, Fun
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  • Bolt's Basement
    5,817 members 16 emotes
    Bolt's Basement

    Global Emotes, Memes, NSFW, and more!

    Emotes, Fun
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  • Welcomer - Support Guild
    4,719 members 70 emotes
    Welcomer - Support Guild

    Welcome Bot Support Server (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    Support Server, Social
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  • Gamer's Inn
    4,109 members 35 emotes
    Gamer's Inn

    Welcome to Gamer's Inn! Here you can talk to other Gamers that might play the same game as you!

    Gaming, Fun
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  • Sinon
    3,937 members 18 emotes

    The Sinon Offical Discord | Community & Support

    Anime, Support Server
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  • Deeveeaar
    3,877 members 40 emotes

    DEEVEEAAR Scam Baiting Community We Bait Them, Make Them Hate Their Jobs & Demoralise Illegitimate Callcenters. 24/7 YouTube LiveStream.

    Stream, Social
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  • Hidden Developers
    3,742 members 43 emotes
    Hidden Developers

    A loving, friendly community for users who develop or just want to socialise.

    Developer, Social
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  • LGBTQ+ Lounge
    3,713 members 49 emotes
    LGBTQ+ Lounge

    LGBTQ+ Lounge is a community that welcomes all, regardless of gender or sexuality.

    Social, Fun
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