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  • Tsukei Icon
    5,753 members 100 emotes

    Non-toxic, SFW community focused on Anime & Japan! Friendly staff, warm atmoshpere, events and giveaways! Everyone is welcome! 😊

    Anime, Fun
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  • Apex Hub Icon
    57,098 members 48 emotes
    Apex Hub

    Welcome to the largest community server for Apex Legends! Join thousands of members for some rounds of Apex, or join in on the discussion.

    Apex Legends, LFG
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  • Yo Gaming Icon
    50,019 members 14 emotes
    Yo Gaming

    Official Discord servers. This is for all kind of gaming related stuff, so if you love to gaming you have found the place.

    Gaming, Fortnite
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  • Tracker Network Icon
    48,270 members 1 emote
    Tracker Network

    Tracker Network Community

    Gaming, Fortnite
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  • No Game No Life - Anime & Gaming Icon
    48,060 members 100 emotes
    No Game No Life - Anime & Gaming

    Anime server with private osu server, unique points system, roles, open loot cases, automated simulcasts, gacha and more.

    Anime, Apex Legends
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  • 24,619 members 33 emotes

    Apex Pro is a community that provides an environment for competitive Apex gamers to play against the best possible competition and also have

    Gaming, Apex Legends
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  • Apex Player League Icon
    23,779 members 43 emotes
    Apex Player League

    Home to all Battle Royale Gamers. Become the best in our competitive custom matchmaking & scrim matches. Supports all platforms and regions!

    Emotes, Apex Legends
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  • 18,983 members 92 emotes

    PUBG, Apex Legends RUSSIAN COMMUNITI and Battle Royale GAMES

    PUBG, Gaming
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  • Chill Lounge Icon
    12,949 members 53 emotes
    Chill Lounge

    This is a multi-purpose discord server for everyone to socialize, chill with other members, and make new friends.

    Gaming, Fun
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  • Apex Legends Hub Icon
    11,298 members 39 emotes
    Apex Legends Hub

    The definitive place to find new Apex Legends players on all levels - right here. We'll provide you with the best tools for finding a squad!

    Apex Legends, LFG
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  • 🏆Lᴀ✅CᴏɴFʀᴇ́ʀɪᴇ📌 Icon
    9,330 members 50 emotes

    Serveur Discord Apex Legends France, et CSGO FR

    Apex Legends, CSGO
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  • Apex Legends OCE Icon
    9,258 members 57 emotes
    Apex Legends OCE

    The Oceanic hub for the game Apex Legends. The most active and largest server in the oceanic community. We provide LFG, scrims and events

    Gaming, LFG
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  • Apex Legends Icon
    8,351 members 7 emotes
    Apex Legends

    Discord server about Apex Legends and Apex Legends scrims.

    Gaming, Social
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  • LightHouse ❤ Icon
    8,199 members 43 emotes
    LightHouse ❤

    This is your new home. Mature & Friendly community. Mainly 16+ but everyone is accepted! We are friendly not toxic!

    Anime, Apex Legends
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  • Apex Legends Italia Icon
    7,890 members 40 emotes
    Apex Legends Italia

    Apex Legends Italia - Trova compagni con cui giocare e partecipa ad eventi e tornei, insieme ai tuoi Streamer preferiti -

    Apex Legends, LFG
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  • PRODEN6 | APEX Legends Icon
    7,721 members 2 emotes
    PRODEN6 | APEX Legends

    It is the third most crowded place in Korea. Come and play games with people.

    Apex Legends
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