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  • Advertise Your Server
    3,456 members 56 emotes
    Advertise Your Server

    AYS is one of the largest Discord and other platform advertising servers.

    Support Server, Economy
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  • Dungeon Slimes
    3,428 members 39 emotes
    Dungeon Slimes

    A super friendly, slime-themed social discord server with interests in Dungeons and Dragons and various other tabletop games!

    Social, Gaming
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  • [FR] La Tanière
    3,402 members 45 emotes
    [FR] La Tanière

    Communauté discord française.

    Anime, PUBG
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  • Memes & Depression
    3,363 members 56 emotes
    Memes & Depression

    This server is based on memes and jokes, most of them are offensive. If you easily get offended and make drama, don't join.

    Meme, Social
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  • The Candy Shop
    3,302 members 50 emotes
    The Candy Shop

    This is a server with global emotes and a dead chat

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  • Midnight Falls™
    3,278 members 82 emotes
    Midnight Falls™

    This chat is mainly a chill server, but we have sections for gaming , NSFW and we also have 24/7 music bots for everyone to enjoy.

    Fun, Gaming
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    3,259 members 61 emotes

    The best way to find new emoji/emotes for your discord servers,

    Emotes, Developer
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  • The Midday Afterparty
    3,214 members 51 emotes
    The Midday Afterparty

    Server dedicated to events, tournaments, giveaways (nitro, etc), 3K+ Members, relaxed atmosphere, friendly community. Make sure to join!

    gaming, Fun
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  • Miki
    3,057 members 60 emotes

    Miki's lovely server filled with lovely people to help out a lovely bot <3

    Anime, Gaming
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  • Oyna.Mcadventuretime.Com
    2,890 members 86 emotes
    Oyna.Mcadventuretime.Com Official Discord Server Türk Serveridir Buyrun Gelin Türkçe Sohbet

    Gaming, Minecraft
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  • Emoji Server Links
    2,684 members 32 emotes
    Emoji Server Links

    Are you looking for emoji for your discord server?

    Emotes, Meme
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  • pbot
    2,597 members 27 emotes

    A place to ask dumb questions with an obvious answer

    Support Server, Social
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    2,527 members 24 emotes

    Türkiye'nin en büyük discord oyuncu topluluğu! Her türlü oyun, gelişmiş botlar, +2500 üye, rütbe ve klan sistemi ve fazlası...

    Gaming, Fun
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  • Bloxlink
    2,512 members 3 emotes

    Bloxlink Support Server

    Support Server, Gaming
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  • Τhε Rεκτ (◠ㅅ◠✿)♪ 🌈
    2,448 members 61 emotes
    Τhε Rεκτ (◠ㅅ◠✿)♪ 🌈

    It is a Spanish and English community. This community has anime, memes, music, gaming, good staff, support channel and much more functions.

    Music, Gaming
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  • Boosted Animals Gaming
    2,323 members 63 emotes
    Boosted Animals Gaming

    Gaming community for Overwatch, PUBG, League of Legends, Fortnite and others!

    Gaming, Stream
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