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    12,922 members 66 emotes


    PUBG, Fortnite
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  • Anti-Social Society
    12,771 members 52 emotes
    Anti-Social Society

    Want to make friends? Join the most social, friendliest place focused on forging relationships. Interests such as Games Anime Art and KPop

    Anime, Gaming
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  • off-white
    12,756 members 83 emotes

    O Off-White é um servidor que foi criado focado em aesthetic e vaporwave, buscando juntar todo tipo de membro.

    Social, Anime
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  • Fortnite & Unturned
    12,604 members 63 emotes
    Fortnite & Unturned

    One of the largest fortnite discords, the official server of

    Fortnite, PUBG
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  • Until The End
    12,546 members 78 emotes
    Until The End

    You see... if you are bad person don't come here. We have crazy events, active chats, cool staff, but miss you here, want to get a new home?

    Gaming, Fun
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  • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang - Official Discord Server
    12,472 members 69 emotes
    Mobile Legends: Bang Bang - Official Discord Server

    Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Official Discord Server. We are Verified Discord server!

    Gaming, Social
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  • The Seven Seas
    12,453 members 63 emotes
    The Seven Seas

    A global emote server as free as the ocean.

    Emotes, Anime
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  • A L L F O R Y O U
    12,406 members 69 emotes
    A L L F O R Y O U

    приходите к нам, у нас есть котики и печеньки ^_^

    Anime, Gaming
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  • Shrek's Swamp
    12,370 members 25 emotes
    Shrek's Swamp

    Here, we're a community of Shrek-series lovers alike! We shitpost, post memes, and troll.

    Meme, Emotes
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  • Discord Emoji & Servers
    12,237 members 76 emotes
    Discord Emoji & Servers

    The best way to find new emoji/emotes for your discord servers,

    PUBG, Emotes
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  • slippy's dream world 2
    12,010 members 52 emotes
    slippy's dream world 2

    We're a server that discusses current events about the world, discord, and all things related!

    Social, Fun
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  • Utopia
    11,936 members 64 emotes

    Global emotes, fun chats, active & inactive seperate, fun games

    Fun, Emotes
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  • Poseidon Gaming
    11,882 members 79 emotes
    Poseidon Gaming

    Professional Esports Team

    Gaming, Overwatch
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  • The Land of Memes
    11,789 members 44 emotes
    The Land of Memes

    A chill community, everyone's welcome

    Social, Fun
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  • Dirty talk
    11,768 members 63 emotes
    Dirty talk

    A lovely multifunctional server. Join for active community, anime and much more

    Anime, PUBG
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  • Homestuck + Hiveswap
    11,304 members 100 emotes
    Homestuck + Hiveswap

    A 10k member Homestuck and Hiveswap Discord server, respectively the webcomic and video game by Andrew Hussie.

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