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  • ♠Kimochi♠ Icon
    3,988 members 80 emotes

    Ohayo! We are an anime focused community for weebs, artists and gamers. 24/7 activity & friendos!

    Anime, Gaming
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  • Chill Corner Icon
    127,205 members 48 emotes
    Chill Corner

    A friendly server to chill out and have fun with friends. Meet new people from all over the world!

    Gaming, Social
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  • Meme Jesus Mafia Icon
    126,536 members 72 emotes
    Meme Jesus Mafia

    Discord server for @yourlordandsaviormemejesus on Instagram. Come join the #1 active server in text chat, and meet new people!

    Meme, Social
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  • ida's cat café Icon
    121,626 members 95 emotes
    ida's cat café

    ida's cafe is a friendly, welcoming Discord chill community sever full of fun anime-related emotes. Serving comfort 24/7.

    Anime, Emotes
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  • BIG Games Icon
    114,620 members 13 emotes
    BIG Games

    Official BIG Games Discord

    Gaming, Social
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  • FN Console Scrims Icon
    110,434 members 7 emotes
    FN Console Scrims

    Discord server for Fortnite console scrims, pro scrims, snipes, and custom matchmaking. For Xbox and PlayStation players in NA, EU and OCE.

    Fortnite, Gaming
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  • Gates Of Autism Icon
    102,082 members 111 emotes
    Gates Of Autism

    A meme server with a lot of special people! Everyone is welcome! We also have 5 global emotes you can use anywhere on Discord.

    Meme, Fun
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  • Lulurd's Hideout Icon
    101,707 members 115 emotes
    Lulurd's Hideout

    The best, most ACTIVE, charming and funny server you'll ever find, WITH GLOBAL EMOTES!

    Meme, Social
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  • 95,713 members 53 emotes

    The Partnered Warframe Server! We'd love to see you around! A friendly place for all Tenno of all shapes, sizes, and configuration

    Gaming, Warframe
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  • 91,750 members 49 emotes
    AFK Arena

    AFK Arena official discord server

    Gaming, Fun
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  • 91,332 members 59 emotes
    MEE6 Support

    The support server for the 2nd biggest Discord bot, MEE6!

    Developer, Support Server
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  • ChillZone Icon
    91,083 members 73 emotes

    One of the most addicting and active servers around with over 50,000 members! Come join and meet new people

    Social, Fun
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  • Heavenly Realm Icon
    89,536 members 129 emotes
    Heavenly Realm

    Fun and active server for chatting, memes, and gaming! We have GLOBAL EMOTES

    Meme, Emotes
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  • 86,145 members 57 emotes
    Skyrim Together

    Official server for the online mod for Skyrim.

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  • Shibuya Icon
    84,664 members 80 emotes

    Welcome to our Multi-Themed Server

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  • Bee Swarm Simulator Icon
    82,429 members 53 emotes
    Bee Swarm Simulator

    The official Discord server of the ROBLOX game Bee Swarm Simulator!

    Roblox, Gaming
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