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  • Cryptic
    2 members 1 emotes

    A new discord! NEED Staff!

    Gaming, Fun
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  • Soviet Union
    25 members 5 emotes
    Soviet Union

    A server that is pretty fun and cool with being Offensive to each other. We love raiding. No NSFW. The word Nigger is allowed lol.

    Meme, Music
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  • ♡Hangouts♡
    1 members 0 emotes

    💞this is a kpop and youtube,anime we talk about a lot of kpop here tho enjoy your stay💞

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  • Peeps and Things
    20 members 0 emotes
    Peeps and Things

    Come have fun, and make some friends!

    Social, Anime
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  • Bot Devs Unite
    1 members 0 emotes
    Bot Devs Unite

    This is a community for the people that have developed bots or wish to learn how!

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  • ™
    48,483 members 2 emotes ™

    Chatear y hacer amigos en nuestra sala Discord o conoce los eventos interesantes en nuestra web!

    Music, Social
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  • gamers for life
    8 members 0 emotes
    gamers for life

    A comunity of gamers

    Gaming, Meme
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  • An Kawaii Server :3
    11 members 0 emotes
    An Kawaii Server :3

    A calm server where we just discuss things ;p

    Anime, Social
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  • Shokugeki no Soma
    2 members 0 emotes
    Shokugeki no Soma

    A Discord community to discuss the anime Shokugeki no Soma. All welcome.

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  • Boğa - Destek Sunucusu
    42 members 7 emotes
    Boğa - Destek Sunucusu

    Boğa bot support server.

    Music, Fun
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  • Aesthetic Crave
    10 members 0 emotes
    Aesthetic Crave

    This is a chill new server anyones welcome

    Anime, Gaming
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  • NaJ
    2 members 2 emotes

    A friendly community for all Minecrafters and Bikfasters!

    Minecraft, Gaming
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  • ⚡ Closed Knights ⚡
    8 members 1 emotes
    ⚡ Closed Knights ⚡

    ClosedKnights is a discord server that you and your mates can chill out at

    Gaming, Fun
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  • ♧Revamped Community♧
    17 members 0 emotes
    ♧Revamped Community♧

    A fun and welcoming place for friends to chat and have fun, come join us!

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  • Booga Booga Unofficial Discord
    383 members 39 emotes
    Booga Booga Unofficial Discord

    My server has very strong professional Booga Booga players on it, and if you join, you can become one too!

    Gaming, Roleplay
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  • Sumāto's Chill House
    56 members 12 emotes
    Sumāto's Chill House

    A welcoming community filled with friendly people, join if you like to have some funny moments!

    Gaming, Meme
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