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Octane City

Global gaming brand. Welcome to one of the most active community servers for streaming & gaming with tournaments, giveaways and events!

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Welcome to Octane City!

Octane City is a global gaming brand that collaborates with pro leagues, provides casual and competitive tournaments, and supports streamers! With the focus on the community, it's a one-stop gaming experience.

Why us?

Our Discord server takes your usual Discord experience to a new level- We created our custom XP-System for both chatting in the server and interacting with streamers in multiple ways! Boost your Twitch-account by unlocking different perks through joining and leveling up in our stream team; we cover everything from private channels for your content to gifted subs. The Community-XP is useful for our market (in-server currency) where you can buy colors, picture permissions, and many other rewards.

Furthermore, we offer a fast and sophisticated LFG-section for the most popular games on Twitch- There are 2 available voice chat rooms for each game: Fast Game and Open Room. Join 'Fast Game' to get moved into a room with a free spot; join 'Open Room' to get moved into a free voice chat- it will be completely under your control. An incorporated feature allows the first user in the channel to be designated as the "channel commander". What does that mean for you? You can quickly join a match with others- and you are in control of your created room! Does someone not meet your requirements and refuses to leave your voice chat? No need to call for help anymore as you have the power to remove them.

What began as an organization focused on the discovery and growth of content creators grew into a global gaming brand, rooted in providing casual and competitive tournaments on Twitch’s most popular games and collaborating with pro leagues as well as supporting gamers who aspire to establish a reputation within the world of gaming and streaming. Take your chance to be the center of a continuously growing community and experience the true meaning of gaming.