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Monstacord Official Server

Pokemon Discord Bot! Yes another one! We are a new up and coming server just over 5 weeks old. Come join the fun!

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Discord Bots

Welcome to Monstacord a Pokemon Discord Bot. We are still in the development process but just in the short time that we have been going we have already put together some basics.

How it Works:

  • Pokémon will spawn on a timer
  • There are catch rates so Pokémon do flee
  • Features are still being developed. Please stay tuned as we continue to bring to you!


  • Pokémon Spawns
  • Catch Pokémon
  • Channel Redirects
  • Channel Enable | Disable
  • Spin Pokestops
  • Duels & Trades Coming Soon
  • Donations
  • Upvote


We appreciate the entire community that we draw in. At this time on 6/3/2018 we entertain 70 servers with over 8000 users. If you like this project and want to see it grow then please consider donating below

  • PayPal Everything is appreciated from our community and again welcome to one of the most up to date bots on discord with real time playing.


Monstacord was created and inspired by the many Pokemon bots out today. We took an idea and made it a reality. We have added so many functions to this bot and are very proud of our work today! We do have a website underconstruction at this very moment so please bare with us.

Support Server:

You can find us on Discord <---by clicking there

Bot Owners:

ΩMonsta-MadnessΩ + Kyle