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Tsukei | alt text

Connecting Japanese culture & anime fans to inspire a passion for creativity & adventure. 🎋
日本文化とアニメファンをつなぎ、創造力と冒険心を呼び起こす。 🏮

We offer:

  • Giveaways for Discord Nitro & Steam Games alt text
  • Friendly Community & Staff alt text
  • EXP & Economy alt text
  • Karaoke, Movie, Game, and Trivia Nights! alt text
  • Follow the adventures of our OC Mascot, Akiara Shiro, and her adorable cat Suki! alt text
  • 120,000+ Instagram page where we can feature your work! alt text
  • Informative & Fun Aninspire articles! alt text
  • A growing community of Japan natives for you to converse with alt text

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