Find A Team: PUBG by GPL

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Find A Team: PUBG by GPL

Here at "Find A Team," we offer our members the opportunity to enjoy themselves in a friendly, fair and fun environment.

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46,054 members 50 emotes

PUBG Gaming Social

45,000 Users.

Duo/Squad channels for both TPP and FPP Playlists.

Unique server leveling with roles to brag to your friends about.

Wanna see your PUBG stats? We have a bot for that!

Content creator system so you too can advertise your content to a wide audience.

Friendly, active, and helpful community always willing to jump into the fight and get that chicken dinner with you.

Active, Friendly, and Helpful staff members whose main priority is ensuring your satisfaction while playing your favorite games.

PUBG Screenshot/Chicken dinner photo galleries so you can show off that bandana or brag about your 20kill victory.

Donor Roles.