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  • Hypixel Bot
    ONLINE 1,106 Servers
    Hypixel Bot Certified Bots

    Minecraft bot built mainly to display Hypixel stats.

    Utility , Fun
  • Dad Bot
    Dad Bot

    The worlds most advanced dad ai!

  • Kaz Bot
    ONLINE 16 Servers
    Kaz Bot

    A multifunction Discord Bot that has server management, game stats, and fun commands!

    Crypto , Fortnite
  • Alice
    DND 5,417 Servers
    Alice Certified Bots

    Battle against your friends in the ultimate battle game for Discord!

    Game , Fun
  • KinkBot

    The best pure-NSFW Discord bot.

    NSFW , Anime
  • Lock&Key
    ONLINE 247 Servers
    Lock&Key Certified Bots

    A simple bot that provides temporary and customizable private voice channels.

    Social , Fun
  • Cas
    ONLINE 49 Servers

    A casino bot with more than your usual casino bot!

    Fun , Economy
  • Casino Bot
    ONLINE 6,811 Servers
    Casino Bot Certified Bots

    A fully featured Discord Casino!

    Economy , Fun
  • GuildedBot
    ONLINE 23,693 Servers
    GuildedBot Certified Bots

    The best bot for gaming teams. Calendar, stats, and recruiting for Overwatch, WoW, CSGO, LoL, Dota 2, FFXIV, Destiny, PUBG, and more

    Game , Moderation
  • MC-AT
    ??? N/A

    MC-AT Küfür-Reklam Engelleme Botu Otomatik Küfür-Reklam Engelleyin Türk Botudur

    Moderation , Fun
  • Maxminded
    ONLINE 1,046 Servers

    An overall moderation bot with multiple features to make an admin's life easy.

    Moderation , Role Management
  • Sakura - 桜
    Sakura - 桜

    High quality music bot, leveling, stats (Overwatch, Rainbow Six and Fortnite) and some other useful features.

    Music , Moderation
  • Kurumi
    ONLINE 490 Servers

    Kurumi is a fun bot with NSFW, Music, Games, Moderation and more features.

    Music , Fun
  • RoBot
    ONLINE 979 Servers

    A bot that is jam packed with many features, including moderation, music, memes, and more!

    Music , Moderation
  • musicBot
    ONLINE 887 Servers

    musicBot is a feature-rich Discord Bot. His main-feature is to play specific songs available on YouTube via high quality streaming.

  • Translate
    ONLINE 9,113 Servers
    Translate Certified Bots

    Translates to 110+ languages and can automatically translate things in your server for you!

    Social , Customizable Behavior