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  • Zephyr
    ONLINE 171 Servers

    A unique bot with boatloads of memes and template overlays and extremely fun image manipulation commands! Over 200 total!

    Fun , Meme
  • CoinBot
    ONLINE 153 Servers

    CoinBot is used to know cryptocurrency prices in real-time. This bot is already used on several Trading groups on Discord

    Economy , Utility
  • dabBot
    ONLINE 325,255 Servers
    dabBot Certified Bots

    A high quality Discord Music Bot providing music from YouTube, Soundcloud, Twitch, Radio Stations, Discord.FM and much more!

  • GamingBot
    ONLINE 582 Servers

    a Self-assign Roles , AutoRoles , Moderation , Task Planner, Advertise Block, Protection & Multi-Purpose Bot That Easy To Use & Support.

    Customizable Behavior , Role Management
  • DiscordTel
    ONLINE 1,135 Servers
    DiscordTel Certified Bots

    DiscordTel is a realistic telephone bot that lets you call other servers! Features include roleplay numbers, bills, & global emotes!

    Fun , Economy
  • Application Bot
    ONLINE 108 Servers
    Application Bot

    Ever wanted to have application forms on your server? You can now with Application Bot!
  • FredBoat♪♪

    FredBoat is a free Discord music bot that delivers high-quality music to your Discord server. Zero configuration required.

  • Kahve
    ONLINE 499 Servers

    Make your server entertaining with Kahve commands. [7/24 ONLINE]

    Fun , Moderation
  • Top-Invites
    ONLINE 290 Servers

    Just lists the top inviters in the discord.

    Utility , Moderation
  • Tweetcord
    ONLINE 383 Servers
    Tweetcord Certified Bots

    A bot that allows you to interact with Twitter

  • Watora
    ONLINE 4,090 Servers
    Watora Certified Bots

    More than a simple Musical Bot

    Music , Anime
  • Rick
    ONLINE 1,364 Servers

    🌟 Rick, o fantástico bot brasileiro para enfeitar o seu lindo servidor de Discord!

    Fun , Utility
  • LenoxBot
    ONLINE 164 Servers

    This bot has almost all the features you want. We're adding new features on a regular basis to make the experience with the bot even better!

    Moderation , Music
  • Shiramine
    ONLINE 93 Servers

    I can show you hentai, play games with you, and make your moderation a lot easier.

    Moderation , Anime
  • Spyke
    ONLINE 1,382 Servers
    Spyke Certified Bots

    Splatoon 2 bot

  • Taunt Bot
    ONLINE 691 Servers
    Taunt Bot Certified Bots

    Celebrate Your Victories

    Customizable Behavior , Fun