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  • Statbot
    ONLINE 568 Servers
    Statbot Certified Bots

    Track server statistics: Messages, voice and memberflow with graphs, invite tracking and online dashboard with extended stats and analytics.

  • Minecraft
    ONLINE 6,006 Servers
    Minecraft Certified Bots

    A Minecraft bot for Discord with lots of commands such as player skins/minime, name history, mojang status, server ping, quiz.

    Fun , Game
  • Nitro
    ONLINE 12,781 Servers
    Nitro Certified Bots

    The next best thing in server management with moderation, music, money, and more!

    Music , Moderation
  • Rem
    ONLINE 297 Servers

    Rem can be used for Moderation and your extreme gambling addiction

    Moderation , Economy
  • Partner Bot
    Partner Bot

    Automatically partner your server with other servers hands free!

  • Statistics Bot
    ONLINE 576 Servers
    Statistics Bot Certified Bots

    Statistics Bot is a highly advanced Discord server statistics bot which stores server activity to generate analytics.

    Logging , Web Dashboard
  • EGGSY's
    ONLINE 4,496 Servers

    Tamamiyle Türkçe bir Discord botu!

    Moderation , Fun
  • Blackhole
    ONLINE 206 Servers

    The BlackHole: A revolutionary bot. Uses moderation, levels and marriages to enhance your user experience on your server. Add our bot now!

    Moderation , Fun
  • Prism
    ONLINE 92 Servers

    High quality music streaming bot with advanced logging and fun commands for your needs!

    Music , Logging
  • 『』NewGlace
    ??? N/A

    Il sert a la : Modération, Funny, Nsfw, Administrateur.

    Moderation , NSFW
  • Bump !
    ONLINE 1,700 Servers
    Bump ! Certified Bots

    The All-in-One package™ of a Discord Bot. Moderation, Advertising, Fun, Economy and much more!

    Moderation , Role Management
  • NerdBot
    ONLINE 142 Servers

    A german bot with a lot of fun and servermanagement commands!

    Music , Moderation
  • Auttaja
    ONLINE 1,317 Servers

    The best moderation bot on Discord! Its a bot that you really should have!

    Moderation , Fun
  • FratikB0T
    ONLINE 204 Servers

    Polish bot. Fun/Moderation and many others. Other languages will come soon.

    Moderation , Leveling
  • Kotoba
    ONLINE 1,757 Servers
    Kotoba Certified Bots

    A feature filled bot for Japanese learners... and weebs too!

    Anime , Game
  • Community™
    ??? 1,008 Servers

    Best discord BOT for every discord community 😃

    Game , Fun