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  • Poop Bot
    ONLINE 442 Servers
    Poop Bot

    A bot that handles economy, games, levels and more with ease.

    Fun , Moderation
  • LewdBot
    ONLINE 105,551 Servers
    LewdBot Certified Bots

    A multi-purpose bot aimed to serve your music, moderation and lewd needs. Currently on over 50k guilds and serving crisp audio for everyone!

    Music , Moderation
  • Funo
    ONLINE 338 Servers

    Have a little fun with Funo. Now with music!!!

    Music , Fun
  • GRLCTips
    ONLINE 99 Servers

    GRLC cryptocurrency tip bot

  • BishopBot
    ONLINE 147 Servers

    BishopBot Is A Simple To Use Multi-Purpose Discord Bot - Music, Moderation, Fun And More! || Adding Commands Daily

    Music , Moderation
  • beanbot
    ONLINE 1,611 Servers

    best meme bot

    Meme , Music
  • Rias
    ONLINE 306 Servers

    Rias is a general multi purpose bot with a lot of commands, anime, music, waifu, and administration.

    Music , Moderation
  • NSFW
    ONLINE 7,505 Servers

    A bot created for managing NSFW channel.

    NSFW , Anime
  • Horizon
    ONLINE 472 Servers

    Fun, Music, Moderation, Misc, Search, NSFW and more coming soon!

    Music , Moderation
  • Commando Evert
    ONLINE 592 Servers
    Commando Evert

    Commando Evert is a bot made for fun purposes. It's a game within discord where you compete against other users around the world!

    Fun , Game
  • KawaiiBot
    ONLINE 178,963 Servers
    KawaiiBot Certified Bots

    A cute girl that aims to make your server more fun to be on!

  • NotSoBot
    ONLINE 169,661 Servers
    NotSoBot Certified Bots

    discord's greatest entertainment bot

    Fun , Meme
  • Yoshino
    ONLINE 408 Servers

    Yoshino is a fast and reliable chat bot for Twitch, Discord and YouTube!

    Anime , Fun
  • Fortnite Bot
    ONLINE 6,797 Servers
    Fortnite Bot Certified Bots

    Discord bot with Fornite functionality in mind. Get stats, updates, and more! Custom prefix supported.

    Fortnite , Game
  • Rubicon
    ONLINE 564 Servers
    Rubicon Certified Bots

    Music, Moderation, Verification and a lot of tools.

    Music , Moderation
  • Marv
    ONLINE 67,501 Servers
    Marv Certified Bots

    Music bot. Very easy to use. Supports Spotify.