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  • Yui (ユイ)
    ONLINE 23,877 Servers
    Yui (ユイ) Certified Bots

    Fun, Urban, Spotify, Reddit, Youtube, Anime, Music, Tags, Events, Starboard, Nuke, Self assign +Mod tools.

    Music , Moderation
  • Loritta
    ONLINE 32,923 Servers
    Loritta Certified Bots

    Howdy, my name is Loritta 💁! Yet another Discord Bot — Fun 😂, moderation 👮, utils 📅, multilanguage 🌎 and so much more 😊!

    Fun , Utility
  • Translator
    ONLINE 4,539 Servers
    Translator Certified Bots

    The most powerful bot to translate discord messages, supports 100+ languages, automatic and multi translations.

    Social , Utility
  • Konata
    ONLINE 30,549 Servers
    Konata Certified Bots

    Konata is a multi-lang Discord Bot to help and entertain your server with lots of commands, games and stable music feature!

    Game , Music
  • Gearz
    ONLINE 1,603 Servers
    Gearz Certified Bots

    A multifunctional bot with Music, Server based settings, general, moderation and fun command, and awesome welcome messages.

    Music , Moderation
  • AekaBot
    ONLINE 3,889 Servers
    AekaBot Certified Bots

    A multi-purpose discord bot with features such as music, fart sounds, polls, nsfw/lewd commands and much more!

    Music , Fun
  • Ease
    ONLINE 121 Servers

    Enhance A Server Easily - EASE, a multipurpose bot for moderation, logs, embeds, translation etc..

    Moderation , Role Management
  • Tsukasa Hiiragi
    ONLINE 10,714 Servers
    Tsukasa Hiiragi Certified Bots

    A configurable bot based on Fun and Moderation. Reliable & Stable Music with Soundcloud and YouTube support!

    Music , Moderation
  • Spoti-Search
    ONLINE 26,661 Servers
    Spoti-Search Certified Bots

    Play songs and search for song lyrics and info from inside Discord!

  • Old School Bot
    ONLINE 1,852 Servers
    Old School Bot Certified Bots

    Old School RuneScape (OSRS) & CrystalMathLabs (CML) Commands! + Twitch & Twitter Features

    Game , Fun
  • Sohbet ve Oyun
    ONLINE 5,164 Servers
    Sohbet ve Oyun

    Türkiye'nin en iyi, en gelişmiş ve en güvenilir botu.

    Music , Moderation
  • Nayami
    ONLINE 1,826 Servers

    A multipurpose bot, but with emphasis on roleplaying.

    Anime , Roleplay
  • Sheepbot
    ONLINE 26,804 Servers

    A fun multi-purpose bot with music, memes, NSFW, custom commands and way more!

    Music , Fun
  • PatchBot
    ONLINE 7,994 Servers
    PatchBot Certified Bots

    PatchBot makes it easy to keep your server updated with the latest changes to your favorite games

    Game , Fortnite
  • GamesROB
    ONLINE 4,746 Servers
    GamesROB Certified Bots

    Play chat games, multiplayer or single player! Minesweeper, ConnectFour, Hangman and TicTacToe!

    Fun , Game
  • Dyno
    ONLINE 772,939 Servers
    Dyno Certified Bots

    Dyno is a fully customizable bot for your server with a web dashboard, moderation, music, auto roles, auto moderation, and more.

    Music , Moderation