Certification Program

Documentation and requirements for applying

About Certification

The certification program gives users and their bots a certified status and more exposure for their creation, we look for bots we think are unique, supported, well maintained and have a premium feel to them. Certified bots are expected to be online 24/7 amongst other things which you can read up on in the requirements section.

Perks of Certification

  • A cool badge
  • A role for you and your bot
  • Access to exclusive text and voice channels
  • Allowed to use JavaScript on long description
  • Vanity URLs
  • An improved chance at being on the front page

Requirements for Certification

  • Post your server count to our API.
  • Follow the Discord bot best practices.
  • Informative use of the short and long description.
  • Original code, not a fork of a bot with a new name.
  • Been on the list for at least 3 days.
  • Your bot's server count must be >100 (If you are found to be faking server count you and your bot will be banned).
  • Your bot must have at least 20 votes
  • 24/7 Hosting, with exception for minor downtime due to maintenance or other issues.
  • Full documentation of commands, either in a help commands or external site.
  • The use of at least one of our widgets on your website/github page. (Get widgets for your bot by going to your bot's profile and pressing edit)