Old Statbot - new one available


Track server statistics: Messages, voice and memberflow with graphs, invite tracking and online dashboard with extended stats and analytics.

Created By: Stache# 3699

Online dashboard example


  • Track text activity
  • Track voice activity
  • Track memberflow
  • Track invites (also temporary invites)
  • Track online members


  • s?help: show all available commands and how to use them
  • s?stats: show overall statistics
  • s?stats @member: show overall statistics for a specific member
  • s?messages: show a graph of this period's message activity
  • s?voice: show a graph of this period's voice activity
  • s?members: show a graph of this period's memberflow
  • s?channel: show a graph and stats of a channel
  • s?top n: show a top n of text/voice activity for this period