Music Streaming, Starboard, Administration, Economy, Self-Assignable Roles, Fun interactions, memes and SO MUCH MORE!

Created By: Serenity# 0783

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Sora now features a awesome Dashboard where you can set up nearly everything from the web (still in alpha)



Now also with Waifu Boxes. You can now get your favorite Waifu and display it on your personal page by either opening boxes or trading with other users. There are also limited time boxes like the Halloween box. Set your favorite waifu on your profile for everyone to see. Create the harem you always wanted!

Owned Waifus


Sora has a fully integrated Economy system. You can get daily Sora Coins, trade them but also use them to buy custom Self-Assignable Roles in Guilds. 50% of the revenue goes to the Guild owner. They are also a tool to increase Clan member size to rise to the top of the leaderboard!

Profile Cards

Profile cards have been revamped! You can choose ANY custom Background! Clans have been added and now also show up in the profile card under the name!

Profile Card

Sophisticated Self-Assignable Role System!

Sora has one of the most sophisticated SAR system out there! You can create SARs that are free for anyone to pick like colors, or make them cost Sora Coins and even make them temporary. So users can buy premium for example which gets revoked after 30d or some baller role that lasts for 24h!


Sora has local and global EXP and levels! He can also award users with Roles after they reach a certain level. Sora also has profile cards and much more!

Local leaderboard

Powerful Moderation & Reward System

Sora has some seriously powerful moderation.


You can use Sora to give members certain Mod power to use Kick and Ban but in return have the possibility that everything gets logged with reasons so you can not only log all events but also moderate your own moderators.

Rewards & Engagement

Sora also has many tools to keep your member base engaged. You can reward users Roles for gaining EXP in the Guild which is earned by texting and being active. With that give them access to custom channels and more.