Roleplayer Certified Bots


A roleplay bot for DnD & RPG servers! I have profiles, marriage, jeopardy, server economy, a custom shop, inventory, and dice!


This bot uses an array of features and commands for one purpose: to make Roleplaying fun.

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Command Categories

The following are simply some commands for you to get started when inviting the bot.

General Commands

r>help Lists out all of the command categories and the ways to access their documentation.

r>invite Sends an invite to the chat in order for others to invite the bot.

r>vote Vote for the bot here!

r>motd Views the Message Of The Day. This gives you a newsletter for the bot.

Roleplay Commands

r>say Once you have created a profile, you are able to use this command to put words in the mouth of your character!

r>do Exactly like r>say, however it is meant to be used with actions instead of words.

r>chooseOutcome Don't know how something will turn out? Use the bot to do the deciding for you! Different outcomes must be separated with a comma.

r>togglesay Tired of using r>say all of the time? With this command, you can use it once and talk in character easily to your hearts content!

Fun Commands

r>jep Test your knowlege! Asks a question, and you get a limited time to answer!

r>fortune Gives you a fortune you would normally find in a fortune cookie.


Send cute GIF's to the chat! Available emotes: smile, happy, sad, cry, laugh, scared, angry, blush.

Simply type r>name_here Eg. r>smile


r>propose @user Sends a proposal to the specified user!

r>acceptProposal @user Get hitched! The person that was proposed to must run this command to seal the deal.

r>divorce @user It wasn't love at first sight? Run this command and divorce your partner.


r>createProfile Creates your profile. There must be at least an age, a name, and a short description given.

r>profile Show off your profile! This command sends the full profile to the chat.