Melijn Certified Bots


Multipurpose and handy bot. Commands are simple to use and we have a support server to help you.


Melijn is a multipurpose bot and can be used for:

  • Moderation
  • Music
  • Utilities
  • Fun (images)
  • Verification
  • Prefix can be changed

All commands can be disabled. You can grant specific roles/users permissions to use commands.
You can add swear words and allowed words for example: is blocked but you own invite link isn't
You can have the bot play a specific radio/twitch/yt stream in a voice channel (the bot will join the channel if you join the channel and leave the channel when no users are in the channel or all other users are deafened -> this is to save bandthwith)
For more check the site below :) or ask info our discord server