LewdBot Certified Bots


A multi-purpose bot aimed to serve your music, moderation and lewd needs. Currently on over 50k guilds and serving crisp audio for everyone!

Created By: Fabricio20#5913 Certified Developer

A multi-purpose bot made with JDA.
Features included, but are not limited to:

  • Interactive setups
  • Music Playing (Youtube / Soundcloud)
  • R34/Danbooru (+ ExHentai and E-Hentai) Searching (NSFW)
  • Server Logs (Bans, Joins, Kicks and Quits)
  • Ban and Kick with reason
  • Channel Ignoring
  • Flipping coins
  • Calculating mathematical expressions

The default trigger is @LewdBot, which can be changed using @LewdBot prefix ! (This would change it to !).

For a quick setup, try @LewdBot setup.

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