Kashima Certified Bots


Version: 1.7.2 || The best "ShipGirl Waifu" you can ask for. Ranging from personal - public usage. I hope I can be useful to you, Teitoku

This Bot Powers the Following Communities:

[✓] 99% Uptime.

[✓] Configurable Moderation and Logging System.

[✓] Unrestricted Music Player Queue.

[✓] High Quality Music Player. Supports Soundcloud and Youtube.

[✓] Multiple Internet radio station support.

[✓] Starboard System.

[✓] Configurable Settings.

[✓] Osu stats, AzurLane and Kancolle commands.

[✓] Lots of Interaction and Fun Commands.

[✓] Maintained by a Big Weeb Developer.