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Created By: Joakim#9814 Certified Developer

Jockie Music is a multi music bot experiment.

What does that mean?
It means that you can have multiple Jockie Music bots (Up to four currently) on your server at once all playing music in different channels, cool right?

Supported sites
YouTube Music
Spotify (Up to 100 tracks per playlist)
Radio (Search and play from 16000+ radio stations from all around the globe)
Google Play Music

Why would I want to have multiple music bots in my server?
Sometimes it can be pretty annoying to have multiple different music bots as you might forget which ones are music bots and what prefix they use.

The concept is simple
One server, multiple bots, one prefix

Our goal
Our goal is to give everyone a good and reliable music bot

Support the project
Use the m!donate command

How would I go about adding these bots?
Simply invite the bot and use the m!invite command if you need any more bots

Do I have to add all the bots?
No! You can invite any combination of the four bots, they all work independently.

Still not convinced?
Come join our support server and try it out!