Commando Evert Certified Bots


Fun discord bot where you hunt for boxes. Open them to get items/weapons and use them to kill other users of the bot! Can you stay alive?

Commando Evert

Can you stay alive?

Server requirements

- Read messages
- Send messages
- External emojis
- Attach files

Goal of the bot

The goal of Commando Evert is to stay alive and get the richest and most famous killer!
You can reach this goal by killing random discord users and opening boxes!
Collect all kinds of different weapons and items, the one rarer and better than the other
Upon killing you will get an x amount of the persons coins (20-100%, depending on the weapon)
Upon dying you will lose 67% of your coins and 50% of your bullets


Click here to watch a tutorial!

Getting started

Important: Replace the words between brackets with the actual names used in the bot

The prefix of the bot is c! or commando (also useable with capslock)
First of all the bot needs to know in-game location, you can check this with c!location
You can claim a daily reward with c!daily
You can get a free diamondbox or treasurebox (5% chance) for upvoting the bot with c!extra! (You can do this once a day!)
After this you will be able to use c!hunt, now you can find boxes in the wild, although their are also dangers!
After finding a box you can open it with c!open {boxtype}, the boxes can contain coins, bullets, weapons or items! With {boxtype} being the name of the box
You can view your profile with stats (hp, coins, kills, assists, deaths, boxes), with c!profile If you've found a weapon and (enough) bullets for it you can try to kill someone with c!kill {weapon}, it will target a random user from the bot who's in the same location as you're in!
Every weapon has his own weaponstats which you can view with c!weaponstats {weapon} You can use c!travel {vehicle} {country} to travel to different locations, only useable when you have found or bought the vehicle!
You can view the shop of Commando with c!shop (location), the location is optional!
You can buy items/weapons with c!buy {item}, for bullets use c!buy bullets {weapon}
You can sell some items with c!sell {item}

For a full list of commands use c!help
For more information about commandse use c!help {command}

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Goodluck and have fun, greetings from TheWalkingRat#8402