Auttaja Certified Bots

An all-in-one moderation bot with a punishments system, auto moderation, and deleted and edited message logs.

Auttaja is an all-in-one moderation bot. The aim is to take as much work off of your moderation team as possible.


  • Auto moderation features,
    • Anti-spam, with auto-mute,
    • Zalgo text removal,
    • Malicious link detection,
    • Anti admin abuse, automatically demote abusive admins who try to nuke the server,
    • Full user reports system to allow users to make reports about other users making the moderation staff's job easier,
    • Raid detection, automatically quarantine raiders before they can act.
  • Comprehensive invite logging,
    • Track which invite each user joins from,
    • See who created the invite to track down ones used for raiding,
    • Even identifies those mysterious nameless invites.
  • Three types of new user verification,
    • VPN detection, users go through a link they are sent in DM to be verfied and gain access,
    • -agree system that prompts people to read the server rules before being allowed access,
    • Moderator approval, users much wait in a channel for a moderator to approve their access,
    • Password mode, users must send Auttaja a DM with the servers set password to gain access.
  • Customizable welcome messages,
    • Option to generate images,
    • Leave messages as well.
  • Punishments system,
    • Warnings, kicks, bans, and mutes are all logged with optional reasons,
    • System in place for users to appeal their punishments.
  • Nickname requests system,
    • Require moderator approval before a user can change their nickname.
  • Customizable prefix!
  • Self-assignable roles system.
  • Disable individual commands in your server.
  • Custom commands, useful for information moderators need to repeat often.
  • Voting/polling system(Currently being reworked)
  • "Fun" commands,
    • osu! profile lookup (with awesome image generation),
    • Weather lookup,
    • Local time lookup,
    • Dictionary definition lookup,
    • AFK command,
    • Twitter integration, post to Twitter right from Discord!