Music, auto-moderation, custom commands, auto-role, a dashboard and a lot more.

Created By: Sylver# 1058


Atlas is an easy to use, modular, multi-functional bot that does everything your server will need.

Atlas' strongest points are currently it's easy to use Music module and Moderation module. The music module has clear music and minimal interuptions, as well as player buttons which you can use to easily control the player. We're also working on Atlas version 8.0.0, which will be the new, more handsome brother to version 7, including a complete rewrite and many new quality-of-life improvements - most importantly, a brand new dashboard.


You'll want to use "a!help" for an up-to-date command list. For many more configuration options, use the dashboard.

Some modules come disabled by default. You can enable any module by typing a!togglemodule <module name>

Command Module Description
filter Configuration Manage chat filters. For filter-specific settings and more advanced options, please use the dashboard.
locale Configuration Set a servers language ot make it easier for users to understand.
setprefix Configuration Replaces Atlas' prefix with your own, this will mean that `a!` no longer works. @Atlas will always work. Do `a!prefix disable` to disable it.
togglecommand Configuration Enables or disables a command, completely disabling it's use.
togglemodule Configuration Toggle a module to let users access it.
8ball Fun Atlas will tell you what it thinks.
achievement Fun Generates a Minecraft achievement with a randomized icon and your content.
advice Fun Gets you some random advice.
cat Fun Gives you a random cat image.
chucknorris Fun Gets you a 100% accurate fact about Chuck Norris
coinflip Fun Flips a coin that can land either heads or tails.
dadjoke Fun What time did the man go to the dentist? Tooth hurt-y.
dog Fun Gets you a random dog image.
emoji Fun Sends emojis to chat, run without any arguments for a list of all emojis.
gif Fun A random gif from reddit.com/r/gifs.
gotcharacter Fun Gets a random Game of Thrones character, via anapioficeandfire.com
gothouse Fun Gets a random Game of Thrones house, via anapioficeandfire.com
holdmybeer Fun Hey man, hold my beer. Check this shit out...
interestingasfuck Fun Gets you a random interesting image from the interwebs
lmgtfy Fun Generates a Let Me Google That For You URL that basically shows you that it was easy to google their question.
meme Fun Gets a random me-me from Reddit and shows it to your beautiful eyes.
genavatar Fun Generates you a random avatar via avatars.adorable.io
randomurban Fun Searches Urban Dictionary for a definition and gives you it. Some definitions may not be safe for work, be careful.
roll Fun Rolls some dice.
starterpack Fun Gets a random starterpack from the interwebs and sends it to your beautiful face.
think Fun ... yes
trump Fun Gets you one of trump's fantastic quotes.
urban Fun Searches the urban dictionary for your word and gives you the definition. This isn't always safe for work, so be careful!
wouldyourather Fun Random, fun would you rather questions.
yesno Fun Generates yes or no randomly.
donate Misc Get access to awesome features and support Atlas by becoming a Patron!
giveme Misc Get roles added or removed that the server admins have set.
info Misc General information about Atlas.
invite Misc Want Atlas in your own server? Use this to get an invite link!
ping Misc Checks the ping between Atlas and Discord, otherwise known as how long it takes for Atlas to process and reply to your message..
prefix Misc Tells you the prefix for this server. Use `setprefix` to change the guild prefix.
premium Misc A list of what Atlas Premium offers
statistics Misc Shows you detailed information about Atlas, e.g memory usage, total guilds, etc...
support Misc Having trouble with Atlas and need help? Use this link to get an invite to our support server.
uptime Misc Gets Atlas' uptime, formatted properly because you deserve the best.
ban Moderation Bans whoever is mentioned. Requires the same permissions as regular banning would.
channel Moderation Control channels using commands
dashboard Moderation Gives you a link to the dashboard for the current server, just incase you're so lazy that you can't just go to the dashboard and select it from the list.
hardban Moderation Hard bans whoever is mentioned, this will delete their messages from the last 7 days. Use with caution!
kick Moderation Kicks whoever is mentioned. Requires the same permissions as regular kicking would.
mute Moderation Mutes whoever is mentioned. Format time something like `1 hour` or `1 minute`
purge Moderation Purges messages from the channel.
resetlevels Moderation Resets everyone's level in the server. This action cannot be undone, don't come crying to us that you fucked your servers levels.
role Moderation Easily control roles for every member
setlevel Moderation Set a users level.
setnick Moderation Sets the nickname of a server member to whatever you specify.
slowmode Moderation Enables message rate limiting for the channel. Set to 0 or enter "disable" to disable slowmode entirely.
softban Moderation Softban a member, banning them and immediately unbanning to remove messages.
unmute Moderation Unmutes whoever is mentioned.
voice Moderation Manage your current voice channel.
warn Moderation Give or remove warnings from users for bad behaviour.
warnings Moderation Checks the warnings of you, or whoever is mentioned.
autoplay Music If the queue is empty, Atlas will find a video related to the current one and add it to the queue.
join Music Makes Atlas join your voice channel.
leave Music Makes Atlas leave your voice channel.
move Music Move a song to a certain queue position, if the position is over the queue length it will be put at the end of the queue.
nowplaying Music Gives you a link and info about the song currently playing.
pause Music Pauses a song if one is already playing.
play Music Play a song, supports URL or searches. Atlas will automatically join and start playing the song.
playlist Music Manage your saved playlists or clone others.
queueplaylist Music Plays a YouTube playlist, this is basically an alias for `play` that forces Atlas to play the playlist instead of the video viewed from a playlist.
queue Music Shows the queue for this server.
remove Music Removes a song from the queue, do `a!queue` for a list of upcoming songs.
repeat Music Repeats a song, when a song ends it will go to the end of the queue.
resume Music Resumes a song if Atlas has one paused.
seek Music Resumes a song if Atlas has one paused.
shuffle Music Shuffles the upcoming video queue for this server.
skip Music Skips the song that is currently playing.
stop Music This acts the same as 'leave', except it won't make Atlas leave your server. The queue will be emptied and the player stopped.
volume Music Sets the volume of the player, patron only because it uses a lot of compute power.
ticket Tickets Create and close tickets to help users in need of support.
advancedembed Utilities Allows you to create an embed with various options, see examples for details.
avatar Utilities Gets the avatar URL of whoever is mentioned, if no one is mentioned it will get you yours. You can also include --server as an argument to get the server icon URL.
binary Utilities Converts whatever you send to binary.
calculate Utilities Evaluate a math expression.
discriminator Utilities Searches for users in your guild with a discriminator matching your own, or for your search.
embed Utilities Embeds a message and makes it all fancy. Use `\n` for a new line. If you want something more advanced, use the `advancedembed` command!
evaltag Utilities Evaluate a variable, such as the ones used in custom commands.
google Utilities Searches Google for your search term. I'm sure it's very important!
inrole Utilities Gives you a list of all members in a role.
inviteinfo Utilities Gets information from Discord's public API about an invite link.
joined Utilities Check how long ago someone joined the server.
mdn Utilities Searches the Mozzila Developer Network for your search term.
membercount Utilities Shows information about the guilds member count.
minecraft Utilities Gets the stats of a Minecraft server, for checking online players, etc...
quote Utilities Quote a message. You can use a message ID or message link. You can get a link by clicking the three dots on a message or holding the message and clicking "Share Link".
random Utilities Gets a command from the category you choose and runs it, you can optionally pass arguments onto it when it is run.
randomcolor Utilities Generates a random hex value.
randomuser Utilities Gets a random user from the current server or the role mentioned.
reddit Utilities Gets information about the subreddit you give it, and sends it in a fancy embed.
reminders Utilities List or cancel upcoming reminders that you have scheduled.
remindme Utilities Sets a reminder, Atlas will try and direct-message you the reminder, if that fails it will send it to the channel you asked for the reminder in. You can add `--noschedule` which will parse the time and do everything normally, it just won't actually remind you, great for testing.
rolecount Utilities Gives you a count of how many people have what role.
roleid Utilities Gets the ID of whichever role is mentioned. No, you probably won't ever need this.
roleinfo Utilities Gets information about whatever role is mentioned.
say Utilities Makes Atlas say whatever you want. Use --nofilter to send messages without a filter, only works if you have manage messages perms.
serverinfo Utilities Want Atlas in your own server? Use this to get an invite link!
shorten Utilities Uses is.gd to shorten a URL.
time Utilities Gets the time for a country, e.g `Perth`.
userinfo Utilities Gets information about users, this does not work across guilds.
weather Utilities Gets weather information from Microsoft about wherever you input.
youtube Utilities Searches YouTube for your search term
leaderboard Levels View server leaderboards for users with the highest level.
level Levels Check your/a members level.
rewards Levels Lists all rewards you can get by leveling up in this guild.