Konek0 V2


Custom settings, music, memes, image manipulation, cleverbot, moderation, utility and top class fun! All-in-one awesomeness!

Created By: VAC Efron# 0001

Konek0 V2 is the sucessor of Konek0, with tons of customizable settings, more and better optimized commands for the best experience.

-------In a galaxy... far far away-------

...a developer created 'Konek0 V2', a bot that would one day fulfil its purpose as a well-optimized custom, moderation, fun and utility package of awesomeness. Featuring: memes, animals, leveling, moderation and tons more. Konek0 will keep getting updated with big updates being pushed out on the regular.

-------Konek0 V2's commands-------

Konek0 V2 features aesthetically pleasing commands to fulfil all your needs you can get from a bot. More commands keep getting added, for free! Highlights:

  • custom server settings in JSON, including prefixes!
  • music commands!
  • leveling with rewards & leaderboards!
  • custom memes & image manpulation!
  • memes from r/dankmemes or r/animemes!
  • interacting with your friends!
  • chatting with Konek0!

-------What's the catch?-------

The catch, you say? Absolutely nothing! Konek0 V2 will always be free for everyone to use, with constant updates to satisfy its users.


Discord support server for regular updates:
Or send a private message to VAC Efron#0001