A Admin bot for your Discord Server

Created By: Libroru# 0361

Welcome to the LAB (Libroru's Admin Bot) Bot! This Bot is in heavy development right now so there is not much content and there are not much commands to do. Everything is written in discord.py and is coming with heavy downtimes right now. If you want to deal with that, then invite him :).

To get the bot running for the first time, use !!prefix !! or !!prefix OWNPREFIX

Commands are on the Website

What you can do right now:

kick -- kicks member

ban -- bans member

clear -- clears chat by given amout (including command message)

And much more! There also will be more coming!

As you can see there is not much to do right now and I'm trying to fix everything to setup the rich presence. If you invited him to your server, I hope that you have much fun with it :).