Collect, trade, battle with 21,000+ cards. Pokemon, Yu Gi Oh, Love Live, Apex, Marvel, Bakugan, Fortnite, Fire Emblem, Smite...

Created By: Tbjbu2# 0001

Type !start, then !draw to draw a card, and !take to take it.

Type !help for the commmands list and battling help.

Don't forget to join our official Discord server and play with the community! You can also suggest new cards classes from games/series!

CARD CLASSES: Pokemon, Ui Gi Oh, ARK: Survival Evolved, Digimon, Super Smash Bros, Marvel Heroes, Undertale, Bakugan, Chaotic, Overwatch, Fortnite, Hearthstone, Arms, Amiibo, Minecraft, Splatoon, League of Legends, Fire Emblem, Smite, Apex Legends, A Hat In Time, Warframe, Love Live, Mortal Kombat, Sonic, Dota, Force of Will, Destiny, Granblue Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Dragalia Lost.


!help commands list.

!start create your profile.

!draw/d draw a card.

!take/t take a card.

!cards/c display your cards.

!info/i info one of your cards.

!profile/pf display your profile.

!cardex/cd display a list of cards from a class and see which ones you own or don't own.

!trade/tr trade with another player.

!toggleclass toggle off/on a class from drawing.

!redeem donate for awesome rewards!

!shop buy unobtainable cards! Changes every few days.

General 2

!ping/p get a response from the bot to see if it's up.

!invite get the bot's invite & server invite. Also invite code for card points!

!vote get the voting link for max energy (600).

!class display info about a class.

!classes display the names of the current card classes in the bot.

!search find a card in the bot by name.

!energy energy info.


!help attacking display info about attacking.

!stage start Zone Stage battle.

!zones/zone/z display Zones and your Stage in them. Also travel to a different Zone using this command. !applylv apply a level point to a card's stat to increase it's level value (higher stats in battle). Type the command for m ore info.

!star star a card by sacrificing a card of the same type to make it stronger. Type the command for more info.


!discard discard a card.

!deckselect/select select a card for your battle deck.

!listadd/la add a card to a list.

!listremove/lr remove a card from a list.

!listtodeck/ltd converts first 10 cards in a list to your deck.

!favadd/fa add a card to your favorites.

!favremove/fr remove a card from your favorites.


!market/m display market cards.

!marketbuy/mb buy a card from the market.

!marketinfo/mi info a card from the market.

!marketadd/ma add a card to the market.

!marketremove/mr remove a card from the market.


!guilds/guildlist/guildl display guilds leaderboard.

!guild display team info.

!guildset set team settings.

!guildmembers/guildm display guild members.

!guildadd/guilda add a user to your guild.

!guildkick/guildk kick a user from your guild.

!guildleave leave your current guild.


!prefix/newprefix change the server's prefix.

!setchannel set channel for spawns/events/market.