Economy system, moderation and fun; roulette, jackpot and many more!

Created By: Beepy# 1691

Coolbeeps is a bot with economy system; you can collect your coins by using:

  • Daily or weekly coins (extra bonus if collected in less than 24h!)
  • Working or trying the coins
  • Playing rock, paper, scissors or guessing a number to get extra coins

If you like the risk, you can try to:

  • Multiply coins by o*multiply
  • Play jackpot with other users - only one winner!
  • Play roulette
  • Hit or miss, 47.5% chances for double money

Use bank and shop!

  • Buy bonuses, like work booster or cooldowns decreaser
  • Rob other users (you might get catched by police)
  • Deposit your money to a bank if you don't want to be robbed
  • Investment money for 7 days to the bank and get +10% more!

There are also moderation command, like kick, ban and warn/pardon. Some commands in progress. Bot developer needs your suggestions, so join the Coolbeeps Server. In the future it's planned to add an RPG game!