Paisley Park


JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's Based bot with all 168 stands that you can collect, upgrade, and use in a storyline!

Created By: Dog# 0002

Discord anime-based bot; this bot is based on the anime JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (manga) and is all about the supernatural.
You are able to collect all 168 stands from each part currently in the anime, and there are no spoilers.

You can use this stand for
Fighting other users with your stand
Upgrading your stand health/power/stats & much more (-upgrade)
Follow the custom-made storyline and do quests (-quest)
And do much more!

& also..
Use fun commands (i.e stealkiss) that are based of gifs from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Collect cards from the Jojo Anime!
Vote on Discord Bots for a (or multiple, donator) reward to help you along the way, twice a day!