Astral Polls


Create only the best, most advanced polls with Astral! Interactive voting, stat tracking, instant updates, countless poll types, and more!

Created By: Astral# 6657

Astrall polls was designed to fill a void in the Discord Bot scene that is seen today. Voting bots are either overly complex, or just too simple. That's where Astral Polls comes in, it combines the best features of all voting bots and makes it incredibly easy for people to use.

Poll Features:

-Statistic tracking

-Instant updating

-Color coordination embeds, in match with the winning vote

-Coordinating images in relation to the winning vote

-Voter lock in

Server Setup: The bot allows you to set up custom channels for both polls themselves and poll commands. The prefix on the bot is also fully customizable to stop any interference with other bots.

Poll Creation: All polls come with an interactive setup, that walks you through all the steps to create a poll.