SwordStrife is an adventure style game with stages for you to defeat, item levels and classes.

Created By: Karma# 7000

SwordStrife is an adventure style game with stages for you to defeat, item levels and classes, the economy system will allow you to purchase upgrades for your weapon, shield or armour, you can also use gold for customising your profile.

You can also use commands that will slowly increase gold, fishing, mining, looting and farming all of which will help with your progress in the game.

Bot Commands

help - Displays this message

shortcuts - Displays all the command shortcuts

patchnotes - Displays all the latest updates

ping - Pings the bot

info - Displays info about the bot

invite - Sends an invite link for the bot

server - Sends an invite link for the official server

website - Sends an link to the official website

vote - Sends a link to vote for the bot

review - Sends a link to review the bot

donate - Sends a link to donate to the developer

Profile Commands

start - Starts your adventure

classes - Displays all the classes and the advantages

profile - Displays your profile

stats - Shows a more simple version of your profile

crates - Shows your crates

open - Opens a crate

update - Updates your profile image to your current profile picture

shop - Displays the shop

gold - Displays your gold

metal - Displays your metal

mp - Displays your current MP

level - Displays your level

top - Displays the server leaderboard

pay - Pay a user

paym - Pay a user metal

payc - Pay a user crates

Game Commands

stage - Spawns the next stage for you to fight

loot - Loots the servers gold

farm - Farms for resources

mine - Mines for resources

fish - Fish for resources

coinflip - Bet gold on a coinflip (Max: 100,000)

slots - Bet gold on slots (Max: 25,000)

Guild Commands

guild - Displays your guild

guildjoin - Joins a guild

guildleave - Leaves a guild

guildcreate - Creates a guild

guildset - Sets guild information