Apex Stats

Apex Legends bot that gives your statistics and has other features (You can save your Apex profile to Discord for example).

Created By: Taki# 0853

Apex Stats


  • Required argument : []
  • Parameters available : <>
Command Description
<a!help | a!h> View all commands available
<a!stats | a!s> [USERNAME] <pc | xbox | psn> View Apex Legends statistics
<a!profile | a> save [USERNAME] <pc | xbox | psn> Link your Discord account to your Apex Legends stats
<a!profile | a!p> Show your Apex Legends stats if profile registered
<a!profile | a!p> display View the current saved profile
<a!profile | a!p> unlink Unlink your profile
a!news View 6 last news on Apex Legends
a!servers View all Apex Legends server status (ping, status, server name)
a!reddit <hot | top> Recents post by categorie
a!drop Random place to land for the next game
a!legend Random legend to pick for the next game
a!team Entire random team for the next game
a!ping View bot latency
a!about Bot info
a!donate Link to support me
a!vote An other way to support me
a!support Discord support if you need help
a!invite If you want to send discord invite link for a friend
a!patch View live patch note
a!map View Apex Legends map and it's loot tier
a!suggestion [MESSAGE] Suggestion to add for the bot, all suggestions are good don't hesitate
a!bug [MESSAGE] Send me a bug report, this will helps to improve the bot

Explanation about stats

  • Stats are provided by API (stats might not be fully exact)
  • We can only get stats from selected banners
  • To update a legend stats you have to pick the legend wanted and then do a!stats <username> <platform>
  • It will keep all update you've done on your account
  • The Ā«LifetimeĀ» value is just the sum of all banner AVAILABLE and SELECTED on each legends

Few examples

Example Apex stats

Save your profile

See your profile