L'esprit savant


The learned spirit is a bots that will help you manage your server.

L'esprit savant Commands Prefix: !


Bot Tags:


Created By: vadim91200# 2794

The learned spirit can asks you for the difficulty of an action and sends you back if it is successful or not: Enter "!Dis esprit ?" to start Then select the level and the bot will tell you "Reussite" = success or "Echec" = failure

If the first level is select the dice must be 7 or more If the second level is select the dice must be 9 or more If the third level is select the dice must be 11 or more

He can also creates a customizable poll: Enter !poll + The poll question to start The bot will generate a survey to which you can react with two reactions

If you have a problem, enter the command "!help". It will show you all the available commands.