GalaxySim: Re-Imagined is a space based MMO where players explore, fight, and colonize the millions of star systems, fly safe o7.

Created By: uber# 0001

Key Features

  • Procedurally Generated Map with millions of star systems
  • One map / world for all users
  • Player interaction & Roleplay
  • Currently in Alpha stages of development, many updates to come


Specific command usages / help type g$help {command name}

Below is a guide of the game in its current state.

Making an account

Type any of the game commands and if you don't have an account it will automatically create one for you.


The map is currently a grid of x and y coordinates spanning from -1000 -> 1000 on both axis. This will increase as we gain a player base. Each coordinate pair (star system) has its own unique planets, resources, asteroid belts, and such. It is randomly generated on the fly as you travel leading to theoretically infinitely expandable universe!


To move your ship from one place to the other you use the warp command. This takes a certain amount of time depending on your warp speed and distance traveled. If you run out of fuel, use the return command to return to closest colony or trade hub


To find information about your current star system. The scan command which will reveal amount of resource rich asteroids and planets as well as what resources are available.


Colonies can be created by flying into a system and scanning it down for habitable planets with the scan command, once you find a planet use the colonize command on it to place 10 settlers. To view all your colonies use the cols command which will list scrollable pages of all your settlements. To help stimulate population growth in the colony you can invest credits into it with the invest command. Colonies with higher population will produce higher passive income for the user. This is determined by population and resources on the planet.


Mining is a quick way to make money by stripping systems of asteroids. These asteroids can be found by scanning down a system with the scan command.


Alliances are a good way to pal up with friends and in the future control space together. The alliance commands are quiet extensive but here is the general idea.

Alliance General Commands

  • ally create {name} - creates an alliance
  • ally join {name} - request to join an alliance
  • ally leave - leave an alliance
  • ally members - See alliance members
  • ally stats - See alliance statistics

Alliance owner commands

  • ally apps list {#} - list all applications to join your alliance
  • ally apps accept {#} - select a id from your list on who to accept into the alliance
  • ally apps deny {#} - deny someone from joining
  • ally kick {user} - Kicks a user from alliance
  • ally disband - Disbands an alliance


Upgrading ship systems give a nice buffer to warp speed, scan times, and mining. Currently you can only upgrade mining and scan systems of a ship with the upgrade command.

Quick Info

There are a few quick info commands to help keep things easy on the user such as pos and bal which show your position information and balance only for quick refrence. To view all your user info use the user command. To view a top 10 players leaderboard use the leaderboard command. To view an individual colonies stats use the col {id} command


Voting on DBL gives user a 20% industry boost for 12 hours.

Nerd talk

Now im a huge nerd and i assume those looking at this are also on the same boat, so if your interested here are the technologies utilized by gsim.


  • NodeJS
  • MongoDB
  • Moment
  • DiscordJS

Web server stuff (beta bot)

  • ExpressJS
  • Socketio
  • PassportJS
  • NodeJS
  • Bulma css framework + standard webdev langs

I try to be somewhat helpful to new developers if they are trying to get an understanding or direction in what direction to go for learning so feel free to ask. I also have a github: where I host a bot template i wrote as well as some web server boiler plate stuff and a custom bot for a discord that commissioned me.