Its a multipurpose bot used for games, music, moderation, and more!

This is an amazing bot! It has several functions. First: Music Music is still in development, but searching Youtube for songes is supported, along with joining voice channels, playing music, queue systems and more! A few items are still in development, such as the queue system, but it is still operational! Second: Moderation Moderation is fully supported, along with bans, kicks, mutes, message deletes, timed mutes, and more! No items are in development, it is a fully operational moderation bot. Third: Fun! We have a full bot gaming system, run with both JSON and BetterSQlite3 Databases combined with so much more to make a fun bot with gaming commands such as work, crime, rob, gamble, and others. There are more systems in operation, such as a meme system (98% complete) and fun games (12% complete). More will be added in the days to come, and all you have to do to suggest more is shoot me and email at: [email protected] Thanks for viewing this page, and don't forget to drop a like before you leave!