Wick is an advanced security bot, one of a kind made to conquer any type of nuke, raid or spam.

Created By: fnAki# 8646


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What is Wick?

Wick is a Discord security bot made to stop all types of nukes, spam and raids. And it doesn't stop just there, Wick has a lot of utility security commands that can make server owners' lives better.

What is a nuke?

A nuke is where users with dangerous permissions sabotage the server by deleting all roles, deleting all channels, creating endless channels/roles or banning/kicking everyone in the server leaving chaos for the server owner to deal with

What is a raid?

A raid is where one or more accounts join servers and spam them endlessly. The account can be an actual human or a bot. There are a lot of types when it comes to raiding. Raiding can be: spamming the same message endlessly, spamming almost the same messages endlessly, spam-mentioning the public roles @everyone/@here, spam-mentioning popular mentionable roles, spam-mentioning users individually, using webhooks to spam.

Setting up Wick