Gravity Bot


Economy, Global Leaderboards, Custom Badges, Moderation, Leveling, Fortnite Stat tracker, and so much more

Created By: Garbear# 1684

Gravity bot has tons of feature ranging from an economy with coins, challenges, and levels. We have custom emojis that serve as badges that you can collect. We have different leaderboards, which are global and server wide that show some of the top users in our community. The top 3 of each category at the end of April will receive a custom badge. We have different types of moderation commands like kick, ban, tempmute, and more. This bot also logs moderation data to a channel that is automatically created, but is not required.

Info Commands: flipacoin, help, info, ping, randnum, rolladie, servinfo, uptime, weather

Fun Commands: 8ball, badges, fortnite, heart, randmeme, randcatto, randdoggo, ratedoggo, rps

Econ Commands: bal, baltop, coins, daily, gamble, leaderboard, level, pay, profile, roulette, shop

Mod Commands: addrole, ban, clear, config, kick, prefix, removerole, report, say, setlevel, tempmute, warn, warnlevel

You have a chance to receive a random amount of xp per message and same goes for coins.

Gravity Bot now allows each server to bind 25 ranks to levels for their users to earn! For example, if you bind a role called "Superstar" to level 5, when they reach level 5 they will get the rank! If a rank is set to 0, it will automatically be added to users who join your server. Use the setlevel -info command for more info!