A bot designed to help with ARGs (Alternate Reality Games), encoding/decoding binary, base64, morse code, rot13, anagrams and more!

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A Discord bot designed to help ARGs

It can encode/decode Binary, Base64, Base32, Morse Code, Rot13, Anagrams, AtBash, ASCII Decimal and more!

24/7 Host

Use it on your server or test it on this one

List of Commands

!b64en or !b64de for Base 64 Encoding or Decoding

!b32en or !b32de for Base32 Encoding or Decoding

!MoEn or !MoDe for Morse Code Encoding or Decoding

!binEn or binDe for Binary Encoding or Decoding

!ASCIIEn or !ASCIIDe for Text to ASCII Decimal or vice versa

!Atbash or !atb for At-bash Encode and Decode

!Rot13 or !Rot for Rot13 Encode and Decode

!Anag for Finding English Anagrams

!RT to Reverse Text

!UPC to return only the uppercase letters

!wiki to Search Wikipedia


Made by Bruce C and Max Rumsey