A bot with variety modules, ranking, moderation, guild configuration, and more coming out.

Why should you choose Master?
First of all Master has a complex ranking and leveling system using master rank and master leaderboard.
It also contains moderation commands like kick, ban, mute, etc.
You can customize your server configs!
Level up messages can be disabled or enabled using master settings levelup true/false
Auto-deleting commands to avoid spam using master settings autodelete/delete true/false or delay 10/20/30..s
Master was changed almost totally and I'm working at the moment to new commands/systems!
To see all of Master's commands feel free to use $help!
I hope that I convined you to choose Master! Enjoy!
For contact: ⦃ ɋⱠⱥǔ ♯ Deathcore ⦄#1337