A bot with variety modules, economy, profiles, levels, customisable prefix, logchannel, etc.

Guild Settings

-serversettings - view current server settings

-prefix - set your guild prefix

-logchannel (channel name) - set your log channel ('logs' by default)

Moderation Commands

-ban [@user] - ban a user

-kick [@user] - kick a user

-mute [@user] [time 1s,1m,1h,1d]- mute a user

-serverinfo - gives you server information

-userinfo - gives you information about a specified user

-clear [0-100] - clear a number of messages

General Commands

-avatar - give you an embed with your avatar

-requestowner - request owner if you found a problem


-credits - see how many credits you have

-pay - give credits to someone

-daily - get a daily amount of credits

-work - work for credits

-rob - steal someone's credits ;)

Profile Commands

-setdesc - set your profile description (max 35 chars)

-profile - shows your fancy profile

-rep - give a reputation point to a user

Premium Commands

-buypremium - buy acces to premium commands (10.000 credits)

Premium commands coming soon!