Want some Coke?CokeBot is ready to serve and!Just type /helpcoke if you need anything!

CokeBot Commands Prefix: /

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(Cokebot can also send a message if a person react to a message and if a person edit a msg)CokeBot is a SUPER Cool bot that can do AWESOME Things like SEND Custom emojis and send a message if a user reacts to a message!how cool! type /helpcoke for the full list! heres the commands : /say |anything u wanna say| /ban (admin only) /kick (admin only) /drink: Have some coke m8! /thonk : im thonking here :/ /mad : im super mad now!!!!!!!!! /bully : HAHAHAHAAHAHAHA /xd : xD /join : join the creator's official server! /sad : IM SO FREAKIN SAD NOW... and more! (type /help for the full list)