Anime & KPOP Radio streaming bot with a few anime commands, perfect for anime related servers!

This Bot Powers the Following Communities:

General Commands

Command Prefix Usage
Moe's Help Menu moe help moe help
Moe's Information moe info moe info
Moe's Current Ping moe ping moe ping
Invite Moe moe invite moe invite
Moe's Official Server moe support moe support

Music Commands

Command Prefix Usage
Play KPOP Radio Stream moe kpop moe kpop
Play JPOP Radio Stream moe jpop moe jpop
Play qtradio.moe (beta) moe qt moe qt
Leave Author Voice Channel moe leave moe leave
Join Author Voice Channel moe join moe join
Set Moe's Playback Volume moe volume moe volume 1-200

Other Commands

Command Prefix Usage
Search or Get Random Anime moe anime moe anime OR moe anime [search term]
Search Manga moe manga moe manga [search term]
Random Moe's moe moe moe moe
Random Anime Memes moe meme moe meme
Calculate Weebness moe calc moe calc OR moe calc @Member