A brand new RPG on Discord that is here to bring a pleasant experience with hours of gameplay!

Created By: Victor.T# 2657

AdventureCord is a on-discord RPG bot without any limits. Want to farm for 4 hours? Go ahead, there's no cooldowns!

Join the fun at our support discord or invite the bot to your own discord! The support discord has all the events where you can win special prizes! There's nearly always at least one event up, such as christmas, valentines, easter and so many more.

Join our fun today with endless hours of gameplay with rare drops reaching up to 1/1,000,000!

Quickstart Guide

  1. !start to choose one of the three classes
  2. !explore to find mobs, either A(ttack) or R(etreat)
  3. If you find drops, you can view your inventor by typing !i or !inventory
  4. If you found a drop you'd like to equip, type !equip {name}
  5. To receive more information regarding items, type !is {name} or !itemsearch {name}
  6. When the enemeis are too easy, type !travel
  7. For more commands, type !help.

Do not hesitate joining our support server for more help!

AdventureCord FAQ

1. What is AdventureCord? AdventureCord is a new and immersive RPG style game sitting right in your Discord DM's, or a Discord Server. Fight and discover many mobs with an increasing number of weapons.

2. How Can I Start Playing? Simple! In a DM Channel or a server with AdventureCord, type !start and choose a class; you can now start exploring! Type !explore and repetitively press A to attack the mob - you can always press R if you feel that it is too strong. Now you've gained some items, why not try and equip a weapon if you got one? Look at your inventory via !i or !inventory and equip an asset. You're ready to be a master.

3. Can I get Free Stuff? Yes you can! There are a couple of ways at the moment, more to come.

1: The !daily command, every 24 hours you can retrieve some gold.

2: Vote at Type !claim in a DM Channel, or Discord Server with AdventureCord - you can do this every 12/24 hours and get some gold and gems! Make sure to also occasionally type !rewards

4. How Can I Report A Bug Or Get Help? We have an amazing community and staff team! If you think you have discovered a bug - either mention about it in #general, or DM a staff member. For a list of commands, type !help, or !help [command] for the syntax. If you would like any further explanation, you may directly DM a staff member - or mention about it in #general.

5. Staff Team Currently we have a Manager (ChristoGR), 2 Admins (NattySin and Robin), 4 Moderators (William, Miccs, whereislamp and artxficial) and 2 Developers (Victor.T, William). They are here to give an amazing experience to you. They will keep this server a nice, friendly and clean place - but they will also help you with any questions, reports or technical difficulties with the bot.

6. What Are Gems And Gold? At the moment (as the bot is in early development) - there is no use. We can expect to be able to buy weapons and armour to help fight - and even possibly to change class. Remember you can always suggest to a Staff member. Notice: This will be updated when a use is put into the bot.

7. What Is Traveling/What Are The Benefits? Once you've collected some more health and think the mobs you're fighting currently just fall down from you tapping them, you may want to fight and discover harder mobs that drop better items. You can do this by simply typing !travel and selecting a place via the reaction menu. Each map has varying mobs and drops you can obtain. There are often maps based on events in reality that could drop amazing items, so be on the lookout!

8. How Can I Manage My Player? To hit with more damage; you can equip weapons - or equip armour to take less damage from mobs - you can do this by !equip [Item]. You can view the items you have obtained in you inventory via the !i or !inventory command, in which you can view the amount of an item you have, the type of item, the rarity and which class can use it. To delete something, type !delete [Item] to free up space in your inventory.

9. Why Is It Not Letting My Equip An Item? The main reason for this is that you are not the right class. On each item, displays a class that can only use this. To check your class, type !profile and see rank. However - if you are sure you are supposed to be able to, then please report that to a Staff member.

10. What Can I Redeem? The !redeem command allows you to get some awesome, and free stuff. On announcements (or secretly so be on watch), codes will be released. You can type !redeem [Code] in order to obtain some items given. This mainly happens around big events.