IdleTitans is an incremental bot game based on the game Tap Titans 2 created by Game Hive.

IdleTitans Commands Prefix: tt.

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Created By: Okin# 5280

Let's kill some Titans

The ultimate game to kill your free time and have some fun competition with your friends.

Main features:

  • Create an account which is global and play it everywhere where the bot is.
  • Buy heroes in order to increase your DPS and be able to kill titans.
  • Kill titans in order to progress stages.
  • Make cost efficient choises and strategy to progress stages faster than other players.
  • Prestige and gain Relics which will help you buy powerful Artifacts that will boost your DPS, Gold gain and other benefits.
  • Play in different worlds with different difficulty levels.
  • Compare your progress Globally with all players or with your own server members.